Products and catalogs

  • C-View

    Go-Scan C-view is a light weight ruggedized live video X-ray imaging system specifi cally designed for hand-held inspection. It includes a high speed and high resolution CMOS imager and a battery-operated ~70kV x-ray tube designed for portable fi eld operation. .Brochure 

  • 3EXDS Flat Panel

    Portable Industrial Flat Panel Detector with High Resolution, wifi battery operated, Superior Image Quality
    IGZO TFT High MTF & DQE Pixel Pitch : 75 ㎛IP67 Dust and Water Resistance 

    Temperature Stability Test : -20 degree Celsius to +50 degree Celsius 


  • Xpress Scan single and double wall

    New revolutionary Automated System for Digital Radiography

    Single Wall 

    Double wall

  • Pipeline Crawler

    The Smart 6 Crawler line can be used to inspect, pipeline start from a diameter of 6" 

    The Smart 10 Crawler line can be used to inspect, pipeline start from a diameter of 10"

  • Varex Flat Panels

    Different Panel manufactured by Varex all integrated in our XVu DICONDE compliant software 4336i Brochure

  • XVu software

    Easy and affordable DICONDE compliant Software platform, able to connect with the most common Digital hardware available Brochure

  • Film Digitizer

    The 2905 Film Digitizer is available on its different configuraion and is fully controlled by XVu software, for different size acquisition and fully Diconde Compliant. Other models and brands of Film Digitizer are available on request Brochure

  • Accessories

    Range of Accessories available on stock for a fast delivery Eu Catalogue

  • 1500P Flat Panel NEW PRODUCT

    Wireless, battery operated ruggedizer pane

  • UT Block

    A wide choice of UT blocks are available on stock, all provided with Certificate and wood box Brochure